More than Simulation

More than Simulation

In order to exploit the full potential of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) more than just software tools and technical expertise is needed.

In fact, the money for the best simulation tool is wasted if it is not used properly. It is of no use, if an ingenious simulation expert delivers result after result, but these are not well communicated in the company. Or unfortunately again and again – simulation is done only when the damage event has occurred and not before, so that this case would never have happend.

Contact us if you identify with one or more of the following questions:

  • Are simulation results correct? Why are there differences to measurement? Whom should I trust now?
  • Do I have to develop the software myself or is there something already on the market? What are the advantages, what are the disadvantages?
  • How does a computing infrastructure look like, what skills do my employees need?
  • Own computers or cloud?
  • How can sales department benefit more from the know-how of the simulation department and gain a competitive advantage?
  • What is Model Based Design and what does it have to do with the democratization of knowledge?
  • Causality versus regression methods?

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