Our Simulation Portfolio

Our Simulation Portfolio

System Simulation

The focus of our services is modeling the physical properties of a product. Model Based Design enables us to integrate a large number of different physical domains in one common model and thus simulate an entire machine.

Multibody Systems, Structural Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics

System simulation reaches its limits when spatial resolution plays an important role and a task cannot be represented with sufficient precision by lumped elements. For example, the stress distribution in a machine frame, or the flow around the impeller of a water pump. In these cases we rely on the proven 3D tools Multi Body Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics. In general, these methods are used for one physical domain. Of course, multi-physical simulations are also possible (e.g. fluid structure interaction – FSI), but associated with longer solution times.

The left column of the graphic shows a simplified overview of our possibilities in 1D System Simulation, on the right the 3D methods for detailed analysis are shown. Of course, structural-mechanical integrity always plays an important role, for example in hydraulics, but only the main purpose is shown here. We do 1D Electrics/ Electronics simulations, but do not carry out electromagnetic 3D field calculations, whereas CFD is used for cooling simulation of electrical components of course. Control is not a 3D task per se.

Software used

Software used

System Simulation: Mathworks Matlab/ Simulink/ Simscape® , Siemens Simcenter Amesim®

Multibody Systems: Functionbay Recurdyn®

Structural Mechanics: ANSYS Mechanical® from ANSYS Partner CADFEM

Fluid Mechanics: ANSYS CFX/ Fluent® from ANSYS Partner CADFEM

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