Bolt Assessment


Bolts and screws belong to the most frequently used fastener types and are therefore often used in large numbers in assemblies. We know from our experience how time-consuming it is to create and evaluate hundreds of bolts in a FE model and not losing overview. So why not let the job do a software tool which can do this much quicker and more reliable than any human? That is why we entered into a sales-partnership with 7tech, who is developing the ANSYS® Extension Fast+More.



Fast+More is an add on to ANSYS Mechanical and can create hundreds of bolt connections in just a few minutes. By entering a suitable search range for the diameter, the software automatically detects holes in the CAD geometry and creates a preview with suitable bolts, which can be further edited. After selecting additional bolt data, such as strength category, these objects are generated, clearly grouped and available to the user in the ANSYS Mechanical Outline ("object tree").

It doesn’t matter if you´re dealing with volume or shell models, Fast+More can handle both. Also, Fast+More works not only for bolts and screws, but for rivets, too.



Fast+More has been fully integrated into ANSYS, the Solve process is just as easy as you are used to.



After the solution results are available such as forces, moments, degree of utilization, gliding path, contact pressure and many more, both in graphical and tabular form. Special Fast+More evaluation objects are available, but standard objects can of course be created also. The table can be filtered and sorted easily so that the critical load case and the corresponding bolt can be easily identified. In addition, a detailed resiliance diagram can be displayed for each individual bolt.

The results can be exported to KISSsoft® with one click in order to use the extensive verification options according to VDI 2230.



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What exactly is Fast+More?

Fast+More is a software add-on to ANSYS Mechanical and enables FE models with a large number of fastener elements to be generated and evaluated in just a few minutes. It is based on the ANSYS Customization Toolkit (ACT) and is therefore also called an ANSYS Extension.

Why should I use Fast+More?

- Because you have models with many fastener elements (bolts, screws, rivets, ...) and have something better to do than create all of them manually and then evaluate them in an Excel sheet.
- Because people get tired and make mistakes when they have to do the same job over and over, the software doesn't.
- Because you want to have full control on quality, nothing is overlooked.

What´s the special strength of Fast+More?

- It can automatically create a large number of fasteners very quickly. Traditionally, large FE models are often shell models with many hundreds of fastener elements. This is a perfect application!
- All results are available in graphical and tabular form, every bolt, every load case. You can filter, sort, etc. in the table so that it doesn't get confusing.
- You can display all details including the resilience diagram for each individual bolt for each load case.
- The results can be exported to KiSSsoft for further analysis.

Do I have to learn a new user interface?

No, Fast+More is an ANSYS extension and therefore completely integrated into the ANSYS Mechanical user interface. You can find everything where you expect it to be.

Is Fast+More also available for Mechanical APDL (former ANSYS Classic)?

No, ANSYS Extensions are based on IronPython.


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What licenses are available?

There are 2 different licenses:
- Professional: node-locked / full range of features / unlimited fastener elements
- Enterprise: floating / full range of features / unlimited fastener elements

Do I have to purchase the license, or is there also a subscription license available?

You have 2 options:
- Paid-Up license with 1 year maintenance contract
- Subscription license for 1 year

As long as the maintenance is active or subscription period is valid, you are entitled to receive hotline support and software updates.

How will the software be installed and licensed?

The software can be installed very quickly in less than a minute via the ANSYS Worbench menu "Extensions". Simply place the license file that you receive from us in the defined path and that's it.

Can I test Fast+More?

Of course, contact us!


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Which fasteners can be created by Fast+More?

Bolts, screws and rivets.

Can Fast+More detect only cylindrical holes?

- No, Fast+More even recognizes elongated holes and polygon holes, as they often occur with blind rivet nuts.
- They can be recognized in one search or, if you prefer, one after the other. This allows you to create different object groups with different attributes.

Can Fast+More handle volume and shell models?

Yes, both, of course also mixed models. You can also carry out any type of analysis available in ANSYS Mechanical, since standard objects are used.

How are the fastener elements modeled in the FE model?

As VDI 2230 describes:
- Model class I: F+ M creates joints for the connection between the components and virtual prestressing.
- Model class II: F+M creates beams with a selectable connection (beam, MPC, ...) to the hole and real FE bolt pre-tension.
- Model class III: F+M creates the solid bodies in SpaceClaim, which are transferred back to Mechanical and have to be meshed. This is for detailed analysis, but not suitable for large models due to the long solution duration.

I want total control over my FE model, but this tool does something in the background.

Wrong, Fast+More creates standard objects in ANSYS Mechanical (object tree, or "Outline") in preprocessing. You can access, regroup and edit them at any time. So if you want to calculate an old model again, no problem.

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