About us

It all started with enthusiasm for FEA and CFD analysis. For some time now, these tools have been successfully used in industry to develop better products more cost-effectively.

But it seems to be different with system simulation or model based design from our experience. Despite the wide range of possibilities and successful application examples, it has been used only little outside automotive and aircraft industries, as well as smaller companies. However, it offers a great advantage: the physical behavior of an entire product and not just a partial aspect is represented in a model as part of the "digital twin". This also includes the hardware and software of the control system, whose share in the added value of modern products is increasing. But model based design goes far beyond that, it changes the way products are developed.

Thrilled by these opportunities, AXD Engineering was founded in December 2018 and devoted itself completely to the topic of system simulation. This includes also the 3D simulation tools for detailed analysis as well as consulting that goes beyond simulation, to build the products of the future.

What drives us is passion for technology and sophisticated solutions.

What motivates us are satisfied customers.

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